Monday, March 24, 2014

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

A little over two months ago (right around the time of my last blog post) I went on an epic cleaning kick. I spent 10 days cleaning every corner of my home and car from top to bottom. No detail went untouched. I didn't understand this drive when I first got the urge, but as I got lost in this process I came to see how deeply spiritual the experience was.

As I cleaned, I saw that there were some things that I kept thinking that I needed that I had all along - I had simply neglected them. I gathered every last stray penny I found, put them in rolls and deposited them in the bank. Over $15 worth. We often hear people talking about being thankful for the little things and seeing how blessed we truly are. Well why don't we do the same with the smallest unit of currency that we possess? We treat them with disdain, often relegating them to a place underneath our couch cushions or in a random drawer. But every last penny we possess is a gift.

I came to see that neglecting my home was a reflection of how I viewed myself. If I visit somebody else's home, I take extra caution to keep everything as clean as possible out of respect for my host. Why would I be so negligent to my own home? Do I not think that I, to, deserve to be treated with such high regard and respect?

Since going on this cleaning kick I've made it a routine to dust and vacuum every Sunday morning. It is a spiritual act for me. Everything is related, and how we treat our homes and our bodies is a direct reflection of what we think we deserve, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you're looking for some spiritual insight, I recommend doing a thorough cleaning. Try it and see what you learn about yourself.

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Bellebijou said...

It truly is a reflection of ourselves.