Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Tortoise and the Hair

This post doesn't really have much to do with hair, other than the fact that my long hair has become a bit of my identity (See my profile description). No, this blog post is more about the tortoise. Well, turtles. And more signs along my journey.

Yesterday morning I was feeling physically exhausted. I'd spent Saturday afternoon helping my best friend help someone move. It was just the two of us, as the man we were moving for is out of the country. It was a great workout and great fun, just physically exhausting. I texted my friend that I was going to go for a jog as more of a spiritual exercise, since my body didn't have much to give. He replied that he, too, was exhausted and sore.

So I go for my jog and come across a rogue turtle:

Why are you wandering out of your pond, Mr. Turtle?

I took a picture of the turtle and posted it on Facebook, then went along my way.

This morning, still feeling a bit worn out, I decide to go for another jog to get out in the sun and meditate. As I come around the area where I saw the turtle yesterday I'm wondering if there is any spiritual significance to turtles. So I Googled "Spiritual significance of turtles" and see this:


"Turtle spirit animal gracefully teaches us the art of adapting to new surroundings and environments ... Brings the gifts of longevity, blessings, journey ... Carries the energies of self pace, patience, protection ... The turtle has the wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect and divine timing."

This definitely resonated with me. But then I thought to myself, "Not everything has a spiritual lesson in it. But isn't that what being awakened is all about? Seeing the signs and lessons in all of the small things? Lord, if this is from You, let me see another turtle today."

I kept on jogging. As I finished my jog, I did NOT see another turtle. As I turned into my neighborhood I felt satisfied, still. Then I caught a glimpse of a bumper sticker on a car that said "Live a Little on the Wild Side." I said to myself, "Yes! That's for me!"

Then I look at the other bumper stickers on the car, and what do I see? A sea turtle.

I've maintained peace along my journey in spite of circumstances. I have faith that everything is for a reason, and everything comes in perfect time. This wasn't about learning that specific lesson. I've caught a small glimpse of the divine manuscript of life and trust the author. No, this wasn't about that. This, to me, was just a matter of being romanced. Life is a dance and the entire universe a love song. We just need to pay attention and be in tuned to hear the song and dance. Today, I danced.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I took a nice jog this morning. I enjoy my outdoor jogs because I often receive a lot of insight in those moments of worship. As I was jogging I was reflecting about what I've been going through in recent weeks. Honestly, I've been going through a very deep, dark place. The worst depression I can ever remember going through. But it was going through this that I've come to understand that I am not my mind (epiphany #1 on this link, which I stumbled across on the day I was at my darkest and just a few hours after my mother texted me, "You are not your mind.") This was a liberating revelation. I literally went from a place of dark depression to surreal peace and joy within minutes of grasping this. But that isn't exactly what this blog entry is about.

Along with that text from my mother, she kept texting me "Expand....expand....expand." She was speaking to my spirit, as she's done since the most comfortable days of my embodiment (there's no place like Mommy's womb). She did not expect a reply from me, and I'm sure she knew that I knew what she was doing. So as I head down a stretch of my jog I got to contemplating expansion and growth. Because I like to work out (I see all things as being related, so I try to take care of my body with the exception of my ice cream addiction), my mind went to the place of muscle growth. Because faith is like a muscle. In order for there to be muscle cell growth the old muscle must be torn prior to expanding. 

All growth is a stretching, expansion. Where there is life there is expansion. Life begets life. There is also death of the old to make way for the new. From the time you began reading this up to right now countless cells of your body have died and countless more have grown in their place. If we are to grow in faith (which, as I just pointed out, is a simple Law of the Universe - life begets life), then we must go through a stretching, an expansion. This is the place where I have been. The death to the old, stretching, expansion can be painful at times, but new wine is put into new wineskin because of its ability to stretch and expand (Matthew 9:17). 

Now, as I turned the street corner on my jog contemplating this I counted 15 lizards scurry across my way over a 1/4 mile stretch. So that brought me back to my mother, once again, and an experience she had with a lizard yesterday (read full experience here). 

"Teaches listening to intuition in dreams, visions and perceptions throughout the day. Be aware of the emotions surrounding your impressions. Aids in illuminating fears and doubts and how to change them. Lizard can teach about objective and compassionate detachment. Do you need time to rest and relax or step back from a situation? Is it time to move forward? When lizard appears, listen carefully to your inner guidance of feelings and emotions. He will give strength in taking the next steps."
Going out in a place of faith can be frightening. But during this time I have learned to detach myself from my fearful thoughts. I am spirit. I am love and light. I can say "Be still my soul," and fearlessly step out to my destiny with peace. And in learning this through first-hand experience, I am expanding. And in expanding, this vessel increases its capacity of the divine essence. More room to love. Brighter light to shine.

So I Googled "significance of the number 15" since I counted 15 lizards.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 15
The number 15 in the Bible pictures rest, which comes after deliverance, represented by fourteen. The 15th day of the first Hebrew month (Nisan) is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a day of rest for the children of Israel (and for Christians). The 15th day of the 7th Hebrew month begins the Feast of Tabernacles, also a day of rest.
God told Abraham in a vision, just as the sun was setting to begin Nisan 15 on the Hebrew calendar, that his descendants would end up as slaves in a foreign country (Egypt). They would, however, eventually be set free (Genesis 15:12 - 16). Many years later in Egypt, God miraculously delivered Israel’s firstborn from the death angel just as Passover began after sunset (Nisan 14). Then, 24 hours later (just as the sun was setting to begin Nisan 15), the children of Israel began to leave Egypt (Exodus 12:40 - 41). This night is referred to as the 'night to be much observed' (Exodus 12:40 - 42, Deuteronomy 16:1). God's prophecy of freedom, given to Abraham on Nisan 15, was fulfilled years later on the exact same day.After dying on the cross, Jesus' body is placed in a Garden Tomb as the sun was setting to begin Nisan 15 in 30 A.D. (Matthew 27:57 - 61, Luke 23:50 - 55, John 19:38 - 42).
Number 15 is a blend of the vibrations of the number 1 and number 5.  Number 1 relates to new beginnings, activity and assertiveness, tenacity, achievement and success.  Number 5 resonates with the attributes of making life choices and important changes, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation and idealism. Number 5 also relates to doing things your own way.  Number 15 tells of independence, sensitivity, creativity, teaching others, and the energy of love.
Angel Number 15 is a message from your angels that your ideas and thoughts are prompting you to make some much needed changes in your life.  Your angels are encouraging and guiding you to make positive life choices and are supporting you through these transitions.  Have no fear about making these major life changes as in the long-term they will prove to be of great benefit to you and others.  You will be ridding yourself of old restraints and constraints and will be making room for ‘new’ to enter your life.  
Angel Number 15 is a message to keep your thoughts and actions focused upon your goals and aspirations in order to manifest your highest ideals.  Use positive affirmations and visualizations in order to keep your outlook bright and receptive.
Angel Number 15 is also a message to use your initiative and personal tenacity when making choices that concern your own well being and life path as only you know your true heart’s desires.  You have the inner-wisdom, talents and abilities to achieve all that you strive to.
I'll end this with a confession. My mother is always talking to me about angels, and the other day she was telling me to command my angels. I didn't say anything to her, but I thought to myself, "I don't even really think I believe in angels. She's the one who's had angelic experiences, but I can't recall ever having an experience of my own with angels." 
Be aware of the emotions surrounding your impressions. Aids in illuminating fears and doubts and how to change them. Lizard can teach about objective and compassionate detachment. Do you need time to rest and relax or step back from a situation? Is it time to move forward? When lizard appears, listen carefully to your inner guidance of feelings and emotions.

UPDATE 6 April 2014:

I was reminded by my friend that I also found $15 worth of change in my house while doing a thorough cleaning in January.