Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Tortoise and the Hair

This post doesn't really have much to do with hair, other than the fact that my long hair has become a bit of my identity (See my profile description). No, this blog post is more about the tortoise. Well, turtles. And more signs along my journey.

Yesterday morning I was feeling physically exhausted. I'd spent Saturday afternoon helping my best friend help someone move. It was just the two of us, as the man we were moving for is out of the country. It was a great workout and great fun, just physically exhausting. I texted my friend that I was going to go for a jog as more of a spiritual exercise, since my body didn't have much to give. He replied that he, too, was exhausted and sore.

So I go for my jog and come across a rogue turtle:

Why are you wandering out of your pond, Mr. Turtle?

I took a picture of the turtle and posted it on Facebook, then went along my way.

This morning, still feeling a bit worn out, I decide to go for another jog to get out in the sun and meditate. As I come around the area where I saw the turtle yesterday I'm wondering if there is any spiritual significance to turtles. So I Googled "Spiritual significance of turtles" and see this:


"Turtle spirit animal gracefully teaches us the art of adapting to new surroundings and environments ... Brings the gifts of longevity, blessings, journey ... Carries the energies of self pace, patience, protection ... The turtle has the wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect and divine timing."

This definitely resonated with me. But then I thought to myself, "Not everything has a spiritual lesson in it. But isn't that what being awakened is all about? Seeing the signs and lessons in all of the small things? Lord, if this is from You, let me see another turtle today."

I kept on jogging. As I finished my jog, I did NOT see another turtle. As I turned into my neighborhood I felt satisfied, still. Then I caught a glimpse of a bumper sticker on a car that said "Live a Little on the Wild Side." I said to myself, "Yes! That's for me!"

Then I look at the other bumper stickers on the car, and what do I see? A sea turtle.

I've maintained peace along my journey in spite of circumstances. I have faith that everything is for a reason, and everything comes in perfect time. This wasn't about learning that specific lesson. I've caught a small glimpse of the divine manuscript of life and trust the author. No, this wasn't about that. This, to me, was just a matter of being romanced. Life is a dance and the entire universe a love song. We just need to pay attention and be in tuned to hear the song and dance. Today, I danced.


Unknown said...

Ah....what that says to my heart, "today I danced". That we all will grasp that! Thanks for sharing!

Bellebijou said...

I'm in love with the last 5 sentences.