Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Love Poem #73

Wrote this well over 10 years ago. Have it on my personal Facebook profile but figured I'd share here, too.

I adore you, Miss
So much I implore the Lord for more of this -
your kiss
transporting me to euphoric bliss.
I'd launch more ships than the Trojan War did
for the glory of coming ashore
to your adoring lips
Pouring gifts at the altar of your temple
the simple pleasures of exploring your soul
being rewarded with treasures
more precious than the finest jewelry or gold;
You're my muse to make sure that our story gets told
For surely you hold
the key to my heart
you made it transform from the cold
& hard and soften it
with the gentle warmth of your soul
distance isn't a hindrance when the touch of your words traverse oceans.
Is it such an absurd notion
that I'd entrust my emotions
to such beauty?
It's just my duty
to report what your touch does to me-
Reawakening love,
sentiments dormant for far too long.
The mark you've drawn
in the depths of my being
is indelible.
Unintelligible gibberish & shortage of words
have confirmed.
This is love that I fell into

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