Thursday, November 20, 2014

Defeating Daydream Syndrome

Have you ever noticed how when you take a trip you're often super excited to be at that place, only to find a bunch of locals who wish they were somewhere else? You know, the whole "grass is greener" thing? I'm constantly daydreaming, wishing I could be someplace else. Brazil, Lebanon, Portugal, Ethiopia, Iran. Everybody daydreams.

Dreams are great to have, to have something to set your intent towards and make your reality. I'm a huge dreamer (as I will share in my forthcoming book). But there's a downside to daydreaming. The beauty of life can be found all around us, right where we are right here and now. If we're too busy wishing we were someplace else we can miss everything that's right there where we are right now. I can remember traveling to Holland or Haiti and telling people I live in Florida. They would tell me that I'm lucky and wish they lived in Florida. Meanwhile, I wish I lived back in Pennsylvania or Haiti.

By all means, dream. Dream some more. When one dream is finished, dream again. Just don't forget to live in the "now." Cherish this moment right where you are. You'll never get it back. Don't waste so much time wishing you were someplace else (either physically, financially, career-wise, romantically) that you miss out on the miracle of right here, right now. Just be, and love being.

"Live in the 'now' and forever be at peace" - Eyedea

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