Saturday, November 15, 2014

Learn to take a (cosmic) joke!

One of the single biggest factors in how we perceive and live our lives is our perception of God. Who do we perceive God/the universe to be? Is God angry, malevolent, non-existent? Or is God good, loving, and, dare I say it, "playful"? So many times in life we get caught by a misdirection by God and we get angry. What if the universe is just being playful with us, playing a cosmic joke? What if we learned to play along with the universe, and rather than get angry, we laugh along with it? How much different would our outlook on life be? How much more light-hearted would we be?

I sincerely believe that there are times when things happen to us for no other reason than for us to learn how to lighten up, take a joke, and laugh. Jesus did say that the "Kingdom of heaven is made of such as these (children)." What is the one thing that children know how to do so much better than adults? Play! Laugh! Have fun! It's time we unlearn our uber-seriousness and learn how to have fun and play again!

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