Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving message to the hurting and desperate

To you who are giving all you have to put on a smile and put up appearances on this day:

This blog, and the book I am currently writing, is for you. It's not for those who have their lives together. It's for the broken, the wounded. I understand you may read the words I write and be turned off by such positivity. It's much more comfortable to dwell in your hurt and anger. We hold on to these things and claim them as our own, we say that they are us. They aren't yours. They don't belong to you. It may seem difficult or even painful to do, but it's alright to let go. They're only holding you prisoner, unable to love freely - both yourself and those around you.

You see, while you may read my words and think that I have it all together, I'm here to admit to you that the circumstances in my life right now are far from perfect. To the outsiders who know my current circumstances, it would appear that I'm going through an incredibly difficult time. I won't share all of the details right now. I'm going to write about it all in my book. But one person I know texted me on Tuesday and said "I pray that things will turn to your favor soon." My reply to her was, "Thank you. Things are always working to my favor." 

I don't write to preach to the converted. I write to give life and hope to the hopeless. There are times that going back over my own words is the only thing that keeps me going forward. I write because I have to. I write because at one point in my life I felt so frustrated by words because I saw them as limited in their ability to describe such a profound love that created all we see and are, yet now words are all that I have. They are all that I can give back to this world.

I've discovered the secret to true abundance, and it has nothing to do with money. It starts with gratitude. It begins with being aware of the beauty of everything currently at work in the universe no matter how things may appear. Don't allow the conditioning of society to deceive you into creating a negative reality based on things that happen to you. Society tells us that things are only going well when we have possessions, but possessions come and go. No matter what may be going on around us, true abundance is having inner peace in knowing that the universe is conspiring on our behalf. 

You see, we create our reality. What we focus our energy and intent on becomes our reality. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort, but we must resist the urge to meditate on negative circumstances and fix our eyes and hearts on the beauty of life. We aren't to have blind faith, believing in something without any shred of evidence. Rather, we are to have blinded faith. We are to be so overwhelmed by love that we literally become blind to the circumstances around us and are filled with nothing but this love and gratitude.

So I'd like to use this platform that tell you all that I am thankful for every last one of you. You are keeping me alive. Yes, you. The hurting, imperfect soul who can hardly stand to sit through and read the things that I write because you just don't want to hear it right now. You are much more powerful than you realize. You are keeping me alive. You are all that I have. Thank you for being you.

With abundant love and gratitude,

Aydın Adam

PS: Communication isn't just what's said, but also what isn't said.
Pay attention to what isn't said in this post. There's a reason I
said that it would appear that I'm going through incredibly difficult
circumstances. Our words are powerful. So yes, while to those outside
looking in it would appear even desperate, my reality is that it's
easy. Yes, my life is easy, and it can be easy for you no matter what
you're going through. I can tell you this through my current experience.
Perception is reality, so reality is what we make of it.

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