Saturday, November 22, 2014

I AM LOVE (Old poem)

This is a poem I wrote over two years ago. I've shared it on my personal Facebook page. Just wanted to share it here, too. Enjoy.

The consummation of passion
the give and take without asking
displayed in a fashion
like a fire blazing without ashes.
Amazing how it lasts it's
a flame devouring past actions
a tower and last bastion
of hope. A strong hold.
A grip and
a tight grasp in
arms so equipped
to hold and fight back
and maintain position
and when the road is night-black
the flame is given
to sustain the vision
the breath from whence came the mission
confessed it wasn't the best
then it changed condition
on a plane that's hidden
since I made the decision
to betray the way I was living
and now I'm living as slain
it isn't my brain or wisdom
not off the chain or the hinges.
makes me seem insane or just different.
to what they say 'cause it isn't
in my realm of influence
when I hear You speak my name.

Paul said to Let it Be
but I question the referee
lead to see
my destiny
in e-ver-y
breath I breathe
Befriending thieves
with a di-ffer-ent weaponry
the kind you spell with L-O-V
and of course it ends with E
Dwelling in the breast of the
universal Entity
on bended knee
broke the shackles of self to set me free
Can it be
that death to me
lead to a life of ecstasy?
Invoke the wrath of enemies
when I chose a path so heavenly
And no matter the setting He
holds me with a steady Peace,
knowing He selected me,
owing no indemnities.
And so it goes, eventually
you'll know the road I'm mentioning
where life, it flows and ebbs like seas
in motion with their beckoning.
Submerge in me
yield our life to Eternity's hands;
acknowledge our smallness,
no longer concerned with our plans
Listen closely,
a whisper
in the soul of a Man
So simple, a sentiment,
with no scolding demands.

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